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2011-2012 Catalog 
2011-2012 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Associate Professor Holt (Chair); Professors Krumpe, Holmes, Stevens; Associate Professors Allen, Heard, C. James, Wasileski; Lecturer Schmeltzer

As a central science, chemistry is an important component of many disciplines. Therefore, it is the goal of the department to actively contribute to raising the level of scientific literacy for all students, provide them with an understanding of the relationship of chemistry to society, and to nurture their appreciation of the character of chemistry as a humanistic activity. The department continues to implement an approach that is built around an experiential, explorative-based curriculum that integrates the lecture with the laboratory and introduces students to research pedagogy early in their education. This involves smaller classes, group work, interactive methods, longer-term laboratories (projects and/or discovery-based laboratories), much greater use of student-centered learning activities, and culminates with a collaborative student-faculty research project. The department provides students with a solid base of chemical knowledge including the structure and reactivity of matter, familiarity with mathematical models describing matter, and experience with characterizing and measuring properties of matter. Students are taught problem solving and self-directed learning skills and communicating effectively both in writing and speaking.

Because its constituency is so diverse, the department offers both the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Arts degrees with specific concentrations in each. The B.S. with a Concentration in Chemistry is intended for students wishing to pursue careers in industry as practicing chemists immediately after graduation or for those who will be seeking advanced degrees in chemistry. After students have completed this course of study, the department certifies to the American Chemical Society (ACS) that the students have fulfilled all of the requirements for an ACS-approved program. The B.S. with a Concentration in Biochemistry is intended for students wishing to obtain employment in a biochemically related field, pursue graduate studies, or attend schools of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy or veterinary medicine. The B.S. with a Concentration in Chemistry of the Environment is intended for students wishing either to seek employment or to attend graduate school in the area of environmental chemistry. The B.A. with Concentration in Chemistry or Biochemistry allows students more flexibility in course selections and is appropriate for those interested in chemistry-related fields or careers in health professions. Students pursuing teacher licensure must complete, at a minimum, the B.A. requirements listed under Chemistry with Teacher Licensure. The department also offers a joint program with North Carolina State University in Chemistry and Textile Chemistry. (See the section on Joint Programs.) UNC Asheville’s Chemistry Department prepares students for employment in chemistry-related fields, for careers in teaching, or for entry into graduate and/or professional schools.

Declaration of Major in Chemistry

Students wishing to declare a major in chemistry must satisfy the LANG 120  requirement. Prior to declaring, the student must also:

  1. complete CHEM 145  and CHEM 231  with a grade of C or higher;
  2. complete MATH 191 ;
  3. be enrolled in, or have completed CHEM 232  

Students considering a major in chemistry should speak with a faculty member in the department. They are also encouraged to complete an Intent to Declare a Chemistry Major form, available from the Chair of Chemistry. Once this form is submitted, an advisor from the Chemistry department will be assigned to the student, facilitating student participation in departmental functions.

Remaining a Chemistry Major

Students who have declared a major in chemistry remain in good academic standing within the department if their GPA for courses required by the department remains at or above a 2.00 for B.A. degrees and 2.30 for B.S. degrees. If the GPA in courses required by the department falls below the aforementioned levels, the student will be placed on departmental warning and will have two semesters to raise the GPA to the required level. Should satisfactory improvement not occur within the allotted time, the department reserves the right to revoke the student’s major in chemistry. If this occurs, students may redeclare once their GPA has risen above the requisite level.

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