May 21, 2024  
2016-2017 Catalog 
2016-2017 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Board of Trustees / Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors

University of North Carolina at Asheville Board of Trustees

Pat Smith (Chair) Pat Smith
N. King Prather (Vice Chair) Cary
Kennon Briggs (Secretary) Raleigh
J.W. Davis Asheville
Robert Long, Jr. Asheville
Rick Lutovsky Asheville
Piyush Patel Cary
Ronald Paulus Asheville
Robby Russell Asheville
Wilma Sherrill Asheville
Cissie Stevens Asheville
Charles White (Student Government Association President) Asheville
Oscar Wong Asheville

Foundation Inc. Board of Directors

Himanshu Karvir (Chair) Asheville
Leslie McCullough Casse (Vice Chair) Asheville
Derek Allen Asheville
Rebecca Anderson Asheville
Amy Bibby Arden
Brad Blackburn Asheville
Courtney Blossman Asheville
Brion Bolton Asheville
Pat Carver Asheville
Kerry Friedman Asheville
Bruce Goforth (Bulldog Athletic Association Representative) Asheville
Brian Gompers Asheville
Michael E. Greene Asheville
Judy Lamee (OLLI Representative) Asheville
Laura McCue Arden
Lakesha McDay (Alumni Representative) Asheville
George Morosani (Family Business Forum Representative) Asheville
Shon Norris Asheville
Thomas Oreck Asheville
William Sederburg Biltmore Lake
William Smith Asheville
Brandon Wallace Asheville
Mitchell Watson Asheville
Kevin Westmoreland (Alumni Representative) Asheville
Charles White (Student Government Association Representative) Asheville
Ann Young Asheville

Ex Officio:

Mary K. Grant, Chancellor
Carla S. Willis, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement (Executive Director)
John G. Pierce, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Campus Operations (Treasurer)
Melodie Galloway, Faculty Representative
Bert Holmes, Faculty Representative
Robert Tynes, Faculty Representative