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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chemistry: B.A. Degree

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The B.A. degree allows students greatest flexibility in course selections and is advantageous for those interested in chemistry-related fields or careers in health professions. Students pursuing teacher licensure must complete, at a minimum, the B.A. degree requirements.

Six hours of 300-400 level CHEM, BIOL, and/or ENVR

Note: CHEM 390, 411, 499; BIOL 398, 480, 498, 499; ENVR 490 and 499 cannot be used to fulfill this requirement. Approved BIOL and ENVR courses require prerequisites.

II. Required courses outside the major—16-20 hours, including:

III. Other departmental requirements:

Major competency is demonstrated in CHEM 409. The course must be completed with a grade of C or higher to graduate.

Additional Information

In fulfilling requirements for the B.A. chemistry degree, students should consider the following guidelines when choosing courses to tailor their educations:

  • Students interested in the pre-health professions are recommended to take BIOL 136. They should also take CHEM 437 as one of their two required 300-400 level courses with the second course being in Biology (BIOL 338, 339, 344, 434, 443, or a course recommended by their advisor, depending on their professional school focus). This focus is recommended for students wishing to attend medical, dental, pharmacy or veterinary school. Students should consult their advisor on tailoring the B.A. Chemistry degree to specific health professions.

Liberal Arts Core (LAC)

For additional information about the Liberal Arts Core and the specific courses that fulfill the requirements, visit the Office of the Registrar website,

Liberal Arts Core Requirements

The credit hours listed are the minimum required.

Requirement Credits
First-Year Seminar 3
Academic Writing and Critical Inquiry 4
Humanities 12
Laboratory Science 4
Scientific Perspectives 3
Quantitative Perspectives 4
Social Science 3
Second Language (proficiency through the 2nd semester) 0-4
Arts and Ideas 3
Senior Capstone 4
Diversity Intensive 3


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