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University of North Carolina at Asheville    
  Aug 23, 2017
2017-2018 Catalog

Mathematics with Teacher Licensure

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This area is designed to provide a good background in mathematics for those students planning to teach mathematics at the secondary level. Completing this program also satisfies the requirements for secondary licensure in mathematics.  Students seeking middle school licensure should review requirements found in the Education section of the catalog and see the appropriate licensure advisor for additional information.

An additional 9 hours chosen from:

Additional Information:

Please see the Education  curriculum for more detail.

III. Other departmental requirements:

Satisfactory performance on a comprehensive Mathematics exam and the satisfactory presentation of one seminar in MATH 480.  Successful completion of MATH 480 demonstrates oral competency. Successful completion of CSCI 182 or 183 demonstrates computer competency.

Liberal Arts Core (LAC)

For additional information about the Liberal Arts Core and the specific courses that fulfill the requirements, visit the Office of the Registrar website,

Liberal Arts Core Requirements

The credit hours listed are the minimum required.

Requirement Credits
First-Year Colloquium 3
Academic Writing and Critical Inquiry 4
Humanities 12
Laboratory Science 4
Scientific Perspectives 3
Quantitative Perspectives 4
Social Science 3
Second Language (proficiency through the 2nd semester) 0-4
Arts and Ideas 3
Senior Capstone 4
Diversity Intensive 3
Information Literacy Intensive Fulfilled within the major
Writing Intensive Fulfilled within the major


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